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We conduct some extremely thorough keyword research to investigate whether the key phrases used on a client's current site are really the most effective. During this exercise we compare the client's key phrases with those of their fiercest perceived competitors.

We find out what words and phrases the majority of potential visitors are using when searching for our products or services.


This allows us to make a more informed initial choice about which topics to blog about, or the sort of pages we should include on our websites.


Then, as SEO works per page not per site, we can (and should) then optimise each of those web pages or blog posts for a related but entirely different keyword phrase.

Keyword research seems quite complex at first but 3 in 1 can either do it for you, or you can lean how to do it yourself at one of our regular SEO talks at City Business Library or another similar venue in Greater London ..

NB: Regardless of the title of our seminars, ALL of them will include a section on keyword research. It forms the backbone of all we do in the SEO world.

Keywords or a Phrase?

You are looking for a phrase not a word. Most people start searching using 3 or 4 words, usually this includes a product or service and general location like “London” or “Hackney”. They then add a qualifying word like “best” or “cheapest”.

What Am I Looking For?

The goal is to find a phrase which is appropriate to the web page or blog post being optimised. You need one with a reasonable number of monthly searches which, for whatever reason, competitors have not also chosen to target.

How Do I Start?

Take 10 mins to write down the three best key phrases that you think pretty much sum up the specific content of just the page you (or post) you are going to optimise. These 3 phrases may (or may not) turn out to be precisely what people might type in to google if they were trying to find that page. Keyword Research is designed test that and to find other, possibly better, key phrases.

What Tool Should I Use?

Most free keyword research tools don’t tell you the number of monthly searches for a phrase. Nor do they give you any idea of how many other websites are competing for it. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool does. You have to sign up for a Google account and give them your credit card number to be able to use the tool. However, you don’t pay anything at all unless you actually run an AdWords campaign … and you are certainly not going to be doing that, at this point. This is just for keyword research.

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