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3 in 1 Full SEO Audit

A successful, on-going, digital strategy begins with an initial analysis of a client's own website and those of their strongest competitors.


If you are in any doubt as to why your present website or blog is not performing as well as you would wish, from only £160.00 inc., this extremely detailed report will tell you.


Advanced Analytics from 3 in 1

A 3 in 1 SEO Audit will use advanced analytics to clearly identify any potential obstacles which are currently preventing your website from being ranked on page one of Google. The entire audit report of approximately 40-50 pages is couched in layman's terms. Our analysis provides a comprehensive list of on-site and off-site recommendations and content marketing strategies.


The audit contains (but is not necessarily limited to) (i) Keyword Research (ii) Current Ranking Report (iii) Existing Backlink Report (iv) Mobile Friendliness Analysis (v) Sample IBP Optimisation Report (vi)  Google Trends Analysis (vii) An Examination of the Amount of Content.

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(i) Keyword Research

We use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to investigate whether the key phrases currently used on a client's site are the most effective. For inspiration, during this exercise, we compare the client's key phrases with those of 6-10 of their fiercest competitors.


We work closely with our clients to establish goals and objectives for their online activity. Our aim is to discover niche key phrases which, when placed in strategic places on the site, will boost its ranking position and drive quality traffic to it.

(ii) Current Ranking Report

Each new client is asked to give us between 6 and 10 competitor URLs and 6-10 key phrases for which they would like to rank more highly.


So they can tell, over time, whether the SEO strategies we employ are working or not, we run an initial ranking report and bookmark they are their perceived competitors currently rank for those phrases in Google.

(iv) Mobile Friendliness Analysis

The information presented in our reports gives you complete transparency and can subsequently enhance your ongoing, performance-optimizing strategy.

(vi) Google Trends Analysis

The information presented in our reports gives you complete transparency and can subsequently enhance your ongoing, performance-optimizing strategy.

(vii) Amount of Content Report

One of the essential elements determining whether Google ranks a web page highly or poorly is the amount of narrative. In our SEO Audit, we look at a random sample of 5 pages from your site to see whether this factor is one that is likely to be hampering your site's success.

(iii) Existing Backlinks Report

How many other websites, directories and social media link to, or mention your site is a huge deciding factor when it comes to Google deciding your ranking positions.


So, at the very beginning of the SEO process we examine not only how many links there are to you and your competitors's sites; we also look at which of those sites has the most influence on your ranking position.


Not all links are created equal. For example, if you were a chartered accountant, you would derive far more benefit from a link from the A.C.C.A. than one from your husband's local hairdressing business.

(v) Sample Optimisation Report

Many web designers tell their clients not to worry about SEO, they know what to do and will handle it all for them. They then make only the most rudementory tweaks to the site. Often these don't help that much and occasionally they do more harm than good.


3 in 1 subscribe to I.B.P. This is one of the world's top suites of SEO programs, for professional use. Instead of a couple of minor tweaks, I.B.P. will analyse every page of your site individually On each page it will assess about 140 factors known to influence that page's ranking position in Google.


To demonstrate how thoroughly we will optimise your site, if asked to do so, we will send you a sample I.B.P. report, showing the percentage that is currently optimised and the steps we would be able to take to greatly increase that percentage. The report for EACH PAGE of your site is around 40 pages long !

Effective Web Development Solutions

Overview and Pricing Policy

For each section of our 3 in 1 SEO Audit, we will make written observations and recommendation. The final section looks at the site as a whole and will set priorities for the order in which the SEO work should be done.


Unlike the majority of our SEO competitors, you are under no obligation to ask us to do any work for you following the report. The data is yours to keep and use as you wish.


If however, you feel you do not have the time, software, or expertise to work on the SEO yourself, you can engage us to do some or all of the work for you.


There are no set-up charges, or any fixed on-going monthly costs. You only pay for our time, as and when you feel you need it.


The initial SEO Audit costs £160.00. Thereafter we charge a flat rate of £80.00 for 4 hours work i.e. a morning, or an afternoon, where we do nothing else but work on your SEO.


Named Competitor Sites Analysed


Of Your Own Web Pages Analysed


Key Phrases Suggested


Local Citation Sites Suggested


Extremely Detailed SEO Audit Report Supplied


Pages of Easy to Understand Analysis

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