Jars of fresh air offered for sale in China by English company

Sally Lands from Coast Capture Air offer air for sale in ChinaSally Lands of Coast Capture offers jars of pure clean English bottled air for sale to China.

She fully understands the many health benefits of breathing fresh coastal air.  And she can back these up with hard scientific facts.

Sally believes that breathing fresh coastal air should be a right, not a privilege. And she started offering air for sale in China after reading about life in the 10 Chinese cities with the worst air quality.

Her company, Coast Capture Air, now offers large glass jars of air from many British coastal and mountainous locations.

Besides these locations, Ms Lands also offers a personalised air capture service. Here clients can pick a specific UK location from which to capture air. This is largely done for nostalgic reasons. For example to mark the spot where a groom proposed to his bride.

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