ELATT ~ East London Advanced Technology Training

Had it not been for ELATT or East London Advanced Technology Training near Haggerston Overground Station in Hackney, 3 in 1 SEO would not exist and you would not be reading this web page. No less than FOUR of the seven 3 in 1 staff members met, studied and qualified there in 2015.

Without exception all the staff and lecturers at ELATT treated us with kindness and respect. They fell over themselves to make sure we all graduated.

With something like a 98% pass rate, it’s no wonder that ELATT has won the national Best Further Education Provider of the Year Award several times. It has also been voted one of the Best Places in the UK to Work.

In particular we would like to single out and thank the CEO, Mr Anthony Harmer and our main lecturer Ms Deepa Chawla, circled, bottom row, centre. They were, and continue to be, a constant source of help and encouragement.

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