Google Adwords Advice

Google AdWords is another word for “pay per click”. It’s good if you are selling high value / high profit goods or services and good for time critical events like a sale. Sometimes it is your only option in highly competitive business sectors, for example insurance, internet dating etc.

You pay Google, not every time you make a sale but for the privilege of them displaying your ad and somebody clicking it. It can be a hideously expensive game. So make sure you do some thorough keyword research before you start. Set your preferred daily and total budget and target your ideal client by their demographics. You can watch how your ads are performing in real time on your AdWords desktop where you can get instant, measurable results. Be aware also that you can switch your adverts on and off, so they only appear when you are there to quickly deal with the responses.

It might sound simple but I highly recommend that you get some tuition before you start.

You could sign up for an up to date video training course with These range in price from completely free to quite expensive.  Check out the tutors reviews. Just because the course is free does not mean it will be rubbish and vice-versa with the more expensive courses.

If you prefer to attend a real life class in person, I can highly recommend the ones at . This company has 3 smart, modern campuses in London and uses captains of industry to deliver its courses. They are always extremely up to date. As a beginner, you will probably be able to learn how to avoid most of the main AdWords pitfalls in a couple of hours.

Of course whether you go down the AdWords or SEO route depends entirely on your personal circumstances. SEO takes a while to "kick in". So AdWords might provide a temporary solution for new companies with deep pockets. Overall, you could regard SEO in the same way that you would look at a mortgage i.e. a long-term investment. Whereas AdWords is more like paying rent ... i.e. it gets you out of a problem but it's expensive. And the very second you stop paying, the benefits cease immediately.